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Famous Thoughts

"...separation of the observer from the phenomenon to be observed is no longer possible."Werner Heisenberg

"Science is built up with facts, as a house is with stones. But a collection of facts is no more a science than a heap of stones is a house."Henri Poincare

"It matters little who first arrives at an idea, rather what is significant is how far that idea can go."Sophie Germain

Past Clients

  • Cambrian Genomics

    Cambrian Genomics’s mission is to transform the world of synthetic genomics by reducing the production cost for synthetic DNA to nearly free, while increasing quality, to enable the use of synthetic genomes in biology, manufacturing, and medical applications.

  • Advanced Genetic Systems, Inc.

    (AGS) is a drug discovery company dedicated to pioneering novel classes of antiviral therapeutics. At AGS we have focused our drug discovery efforts on an under-explored target, the Ribonucleoprotein (RNP) complex. Through this work we have identified a unique small molecule inhibitor that potentially could be the basis of a new class of anti-HIV therapeutic.

  • Avalanche Biotechnologies

    Avalanche is a drug delivery company led by an experienced team of biotechnology executives specializing in novel technologies for delivering protein pharmaceuticals to the eye.

  • BetaStem Therapeutics

    Patient-derived hematopoietic stem cells from blood, bone marrow or cord blood represent a proven clinical strategy for treatment of a wide range of important human diseases. BetaStem has developed proprietary methods and reagents that dramatically improve the ability of a patient's own stem cells to regenerate damaged blood vessels or regenerate bone marrow after chemotherapy. Applications for these stem cell products are broad and include unmet medical needs such as the repair of damaged blood vessels in diabetic retinopathy (a major cause of vision loss), repair of heart infarcts, and the dramatic acceleration of bone marrow stem cell engraftment in chemotherapy/transplantation settings. BetaStem has developed an efficient pre-clinical development strategy that blends leading academic health care centers, substantial manufacturing and clinical outsourcing, with the goal of filing our first IND within 12-18 months.

  • BioNidus

  • Evolve Biosystems

    Evolve Biosystems, Inc. is dedicated to revolutionizing patient care for distressed populations through novel dietary therapies.

  • Global Blood Therapeutics

    Global Blood Therapeutics (www.globalbloodtx.com) is a product-focused company building a pipeline of innovative, oral medicines to revolutionize the treatment of chronic blood-based diseases and severe genetic disorders for which there are currently no cures available and only extremely limited therapeutic options.

  • Genomic Systems

    Genomic Systems is a privately held start-up biopharmaceutical company that is in-licensing, and developing novel targeted therapeutics that address serious unmet medical needs. For example, Genomic Systems' pipeline PECAM program is developing a monoclonal antibody therapeutic effective in preclinical treatment of advanced metastatic solid tumors.

  • MicroTrek

    MicroTrek was established in 2013 with the goal of providing high quality microbial analysis of food and beverage samples. The company uses modern molecular biology and high-throughput techniques to comprehensively detect and identify microorganisms in samples and the environment. The technology is also applicable to animal and human samples.

  • NanoCell Biologics, Inc.

    NanoCell Biologics, Inc. was founded by John Z. Hall, and Dr. Garret Yount in July 2009. NCB is focused on commercializing novel membrane vesicles, termed independent motile microplasts, which comprise the functional unit of Motilesomes™, as a next-generation topical drug delivery technology. NCB has an exclusive, worldwide license granting full ownership rights to the commercialization of Motilesomes™ (patent pending).

  • Neurox Pharmaceuticals

    Neurox Pharmaceuticals LLC is a drug discovery company focused on the development of bifunctional free-radical scavenger/nitric oxide donor compounds for treatment of disorders caused by oxidative stress. The company's lead compound, NP-04, is targeted to treat the vascular complications caused by diabetes. Neurox is presently engaged in studies, funded by a Phase II SBIR grant, to assess the efficacy of NP-04 for treatment of diabetic nephropathy.

  • PuraCath Medical

    PuraCath Medical's mission is to improve the quality of life of dialysis patients by creating an enhanced home dialysis system that will reduce the need for patient compliance. We have developed a novel home dialysis system with an innovative and cost-effective design that is not reliant on patient compliance. By reducing the incidence of dialysis side effects and by decreasing the time, complexity, and training involved in the current dialysis protocol, our solution will transform the dialysis paradigm, enabling a much broader group of patients to enjoy the substantially improved quality of life that dialysis can provide. Contact: Julia Rasooly julia@puracath.com

  • Sequesco

    Sequesco is leveraging the tools of biotechnology to develop platform technology that will provide a waste-conversion solution to industrial clients and municipalities, enabling them to convert their waste into low-cost, locally-produced replacements to petroleum products.

  • Shields Consulting and Analytical Services (SCAS)

    Shields Consulting and Analytical Services aims to provide quality consulting and analytical services to both the medical device and pharmaceutical industries by providing outsourced study support, managed at every stage by an expert in the field. Our team of consultants has 50+ years experience in successfully managing all aspects of the development process, from discovery to commercialization.

  • Universal BioMining

    Universal Bio Mining is applying synthetic biology to the mining industry, improving both the mineral extraction processes and the remediation processes. The company’s initial focus is on engineering extremophiles to improve the productivity of mining processes which currently utilize bacterial catalysts. In addition, the company aims to achieve economic bioleaching of chalcopyrite at mesophilic temperatures. It is pursuing multiple approaches to the problem, including both direct genetic manipulation and directed evolution. On the remediation front, the company’s engineering team has built two different metal sequestration systems for effluent water bio-remediation.

  • Verliant Energy, L.L.C.

    Verliant Energy, L.L.C., is a resource recovery project developer, providing waste recovery solutions and sustainable clean energy to businesses and communities. Verliant Energy applies a specialized microbiological approach to customize anaerobic digestion systems to process waste and produce renewable fuels and recyclables. We intervene at an ecological level with methanogenic organisms instead of using genetic modification to achieve a robust environment and efficient feedstock use. With core competencies in biochemistry, chemistry and microbiology, Verliant Energy continues to develop and implement biotechnological advancements in waste degradation and bioenergy to reduce production times, increase outputs and expand usable waste feedstocks.